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A luxury hotel stay in San Francisco, find peace and experience an urban retreat designed with you in mind. Located in the heart of South Gate California, just a short drive from the Bay Area, Cavallo Point Lodge Golden Gate welcomes you to a unique and unique experience inspired by its historical past. This hacienda inspired design and beautiful hotel embraces the Californian countryside with its expansive parks and gardens. The Cypress Inn in HalfMoon Bay is located on the shores of Half Moon Bay, hidden in a forest and is a popular weekend destination.

Take a break from Disney theme parks to spend the day lounging or splashing around in the pool at Embassy Suites Anaheim South. Whether you are on a romantic getaway or just prefer your own space, book a hotel room with private room and whirlpool and enjoy the indoor pool and whirlpool. Take your room, enjoy a hot tub, spa, sauna, private shower or even a spa with a private bath.

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This Hilton Garden Inn hotel in the financial and arts district has everything you need to talk about. The LAX Embassy Suites on Imperial Avenue are located in a hotel on the quieter south side, offering easy access to the outer edges of the city. They are a good choice for business travelers who want to stay at one of the most popular hotels in downtown San Francisco. This low-rise motel, named after its Pelham Gardens neighborhood, is just blocks from Los Angeles International Airport.

Learn more about the Opens in a new tab window and extend your stay or ignore the travel advice. Atlantic City hotels for a longer stay in New York, Boston, New Jersey or Rhode Island.

Search hotels and motels to find the best rates for your stay at the Layne Hotel, 305 nights for $305 per night. Interrupt your trip by selecting hotels in New York City, Boston, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and more.

Embassy Suites Anaheim South has been reviewed by Disney and is listed as one of the best hotels in Anaheim, California and the second best in the state of California. On the upper floor is the Indigo Mave hotel in New York, which offers hourly rates from $1,000 to $2,500 per night for a two-night stay. Other upscale hotels and motels in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego include the Hilton Garden Inn in San Jose, California, for $200 per hour for two nights, or the Marriott Marquis in Las Vegas, Nev., for $250.

This pet-friendly hotel is within walking distance of several local attractions, including the Delta Flight Museum and Disney World Aquarium, as well as several restaurants and bars. Minutes from Disneyland Resort and Disney Hollywood Studios, and a short drive from the airport, the Delta Flight Museum features a wide selection of exhibits and a large exhibition hall.

This resort is a world-class resort surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the desert plains, just a short drive from Disneyland Resort and Disney Hollywood Studios. Learn more about Maine, known as a vacation destination, at the South Gate California Embassy Suites Hotel in Southgate, California.

Each plush room at this B & B features flat screen televisions with cable channels, and rooms are available for fun activities such as golf, swimming, cycling, hiking, fishing and more. Enjoy beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay and Bay Area from the South Gate California Embassy Suites hotel in Southgate, California. There are many tourist attractions to visit and work on, including the Dealey Plaza and historic West End, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

This luxury art hotel is located in the Memorial City District, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. This luxury art hotel has been located on the corner of Dealey Plaza and West End in Southgate, California for over 30 years.

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